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Sunflower Invitations

These beautiful paper sunflowers are just to die for. They are superbly made to the highest quality, and would be

the perfect compliment to your sunflower themed wedding.

All designs are bespoke so if any changes are required please email with details. There are many choices of ribbon and card colour available. I will contact you with regards to wording and font choices and to confirm the design.
Pink Sunflower Invitation

Please Browse the gallery below for examples of sunflower invitations

The invitation wording is either printed on a folded paper insert, inside the card or directly onto the card.

Colour, font and card can be changed to suit your theme, and the wording on the front and inside can be completely personalised.

Please contact me for any further information

Sunflowers vibrant, tall and sturdy evoke the feeling of joy and happiness. Passing a field of sunflowers all looking up to the sun fills you up with a sense of wonder and pleasure.

Sunflowers symbolise longevity and loyalty. The way the sunflower adores the sun and the sun adores the sunflower. In Chinese culture the sunflower represents luck, power and long life. The colour yellow is the colour of vitality, and happiness. In religion, the sunflower can represent the faithful, the one who turns his gaze and follows the bigger and brighter power of the sun, or God. In return the sun shines down on the adoring flowers, helping them to grow strong and true.

Being such a bright and cheerful summer flower, sunflowers are popular for weddings in the warmer months. However, they do work well with autumn weddings which use the rich yellows and oranges of the season. It’s not say though, that a beautiful sunflower can’t be used to brighten a winter wedding, particularly if the flower has a personal connection.

Sunflowers are fabulous accent in a rustic themed wedding. Think of harvest, farmhouse, countryside….  

The sunflower works with so many colours, and is very versatile. It’s a pop of colour on a more subtle calm background, or a compliment to a brighter colourful theme. The sunflower is a lovely choice for weddings.

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