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Pocket Fold Invitations

Pocketfold invitations are a fantastic way to keep all the information cards in order, and not fly out at your guests upon opening!

Make it feel like a gift to be opened!

The pocket folds do come in other sizes and shapes, including a long landscape card (DL) and a portrait side opening card (C6).
RSVP cards are included in the price and come either as a postcard style or with an envelope.
Information cards can include directions, accommodation, gift lists, maps, poems...
Pocket fold invitations are from £4.85

pocket fold invitations

Please Browse the gallery below for examples of pocket fold invitations

The invitation wording is printed on a paper or card insert

Colour, font and card can be changed to suit your theme, and the wording on the front and inside can be completely personalised.

Please contact me for any further information

Pocket fold invitations are becoming ever increasingly popular with couples. This is because they so neatly encapsulate all the information that is needed to be sent in neat and attractive way.

The pocket fold opens up to reveal the main invitation wording mounted inside, and a little pocket which holds information cards and the R.S.V.P. card. The information cards can be used for anything, but most commonly directions, gift lists, and accommodation. additional information cards are priced at 60p each.

The R.S.V.P. cards come with an addressed envelope.

The pocket fold invitation can be finished with ribbon, wax seal or a variety of embellishments such as diamante hearts… These are popular ways of finishing the pocket folds, alternately why not leave the details as a surprise when the gust opens the card? Not all pocket fold invitations have a flap, some open up like a greeting card with the wording on the top or side leaf of the card, and the pocket for information on the bottom or opposite side.

Pocket fold invitations are simple and sleek without compromising elegance and personalisation. The cost of the invitation is more of a package, including the R.S.V.P. card, and they all start at £4.85, although there is the possibility for negotiation, depending on the final design and elemets. additional information cards are priced at 60p each.

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