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Below is a list of

popular font samples

There are thousands of dfferent fonts available, so if you don't see one you like or your particular font isn't shown, please let me know. You can mix and match fonts, for example use a scripted or handwritten font for names and a standard font like this for information. If you would like to see your wording in a certain font, email it to me and I can show you how it would look, or suggest other fonts that might be suitable. If you have a favourite film, or theme I can try to find the font used. Have fun selecting the right font for you!
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font choices, more available
Choosing the right font for your wedding invitations and stationery is very important in the setting of the scene so to speak. It helps the recipient of the invitation get a sense of the theme, be it elegant, fun, vintage, industrial… The font can be used to compliment the other elements of the stationery. For example, a butterfly invitation might like a free swirly font. A vintage invitation would be complimented by a script font, or even an eroded font. Contemporary stationery looks great with capitalised font or even a mixture of fonts.

As mentioned before, there are thousands of fonts available to suit all styles and tastes. Sometimes one font looks great for the most part of the invitation or stationery, but when you add a capitalised element such as “R.S.V.P.”, telephone number or an area code the words are less legible. When this is the case, it is important to find a suitable substitute font for those areas, without them looking out of place or character. It should look seamless; the recipient should not notice the change in font. This is my aim. I hunt down fonts to make this possible. Most of the time it isn’t necessary, but if ever you’re not happy with the readability of certain words, or numbers let me know and I can do my best to implement the above.

It’s always fun to include a personal interest, and this can sometimes be shown in the choice of font. For example, a favourite film or a favourite brand can be reflected in that particular style of font.
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