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Menus, place cards, plans...

Just a few designs to give you an idea of the style of

place cards  and day stationery

I make. Your theme will be incorporated onto the place card, whether a rose, a thistle, a feather or a swirl.
Sunflower place card

Please Browse the gallery below for examples of day stationery

The invitation wording is either printed on a folded paper insert, inside the card or directly onto the card.

Colour, font and card can be changed to suit your theme, and the wording on the front and inside can be completely personalised.

Please contact me for any further information

When planning a wedding, and budgeting for the costs, day stationery is often forgotten. Invitations are accounted for in the “to do” list and the table plan, menus and place cards etc. are frequently left until the end when everything else has been organised. But the day stationery is so important in making the day run smoothly. Below is a list of stationery you may like to consider:

Order of Day or Order of Service – The former is often handed to guests when the marriage ceremony is not religious, when the service is shorter and there are no hymns. The Order of Day gives the guests a time frame for the celebration… What time the ceremony begins, the photographs, canapés, dinner, toasts, evening reception, carriages….

The Order of Service details the ceremony, including readings and hymns. It can often include all the wording and vows but shorter versions are acceptable if you are not after an Order of Service with lots of pages. The details of the day after the ceremony can also be included at the end.

Sometimes the Order of Service/Day can include a little quote, verse of message from the couple. It is also nice to put in thanks here, to those who were a part of the ceremony.

Table plans are something that are almost essential to a seated wedding dinner with service, particularly if there are dietary requirements or if dishes of a menu have been chosen. If you are having a buffet dinner, you can also use a seating plan but only if you wish your guests to sit at a certain table, otherwise you can allow a free for all.

Place cards are also essential if you have made a seated plan, and you want guests to sit in particular seats and tables. Guests seem to like having place cards as it makes them feel personally considered. They often take their place cards home with them. Again they are essential if menus and dietary requirements are involved. You wouldn’t want the server to arrive at the table and announce “Right, who ordered the fish?” Place cards can be flat or folded tent style. They usually only have the first name on and perhaps an initial if there are more than who share the same name.

Table numbers or Table Names – These come hand in hand with the table plan, although if no table plan is required, there’s no reason to not have table names or numbers if you wish. Many couples enjoy creating the names from personal things, like places they have visited, characters from a favourite play or movie, or even names from a football team.

Favours – I can also help with making favours: little boxes in lots of colours, or organza bags to go with your colour scheme.

There are plenty of other things that can be also be used, signs for sweet bars or treats, guest books…

All of these things will be created to coordinate with the rest of your wedding and match the invitations.

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