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Butterfly Invitations

The butterflies are two different designs: handmade from mulberry paper, with heart shaped wings, or cut out fancy card butterflies.

Plain simple butterflies are popular but if you would like a little something extra, add diamantes to the centres, or handmade wire bodies.
All designs are bespoke so if any changes are required please email with details. There are many choices of ribbon and card colour available. I will contact you with regards to wording and font choices and to confirm the design.
butterfly Invitation

Please Browse the gallery below for examples of butterfly invitations

The invitation wording is either printed on a folded paper insert, inside the card or directly onto the card.

Colour, font and card can be changed to suit your theme, and the wording on the front and inside can be completely personalised.

Please contact me for any further information

Butterflies represent change and transformation, growth and development. A perfect symbol for weddings where relationships transform and emerge new and beautiful like a butterfly. The butterfly is a symbol of grace, beauty, elegance and change. Butterfly invitations can be used to represent this change in relationship, and show the joy and growth you have found. Butterflies can also be shown throughout your stationery, repeating the idea of the butterfly representing blissful transformation.
Butterflies are important to many religions and cultures. The Native Americans believe that if you tell a butterfly a wish, it will fly that wish up to the heavens, where it will be granted. In China, the word for butterfly means 70 years, so butterflies represent long life. There is also a story that is told in China about a young man who chases a butterfly into a garden where he meets his bride for the first time. In Christianity the butterfly represents resurrection and new life. Some people believe that a butterfly holds the soul of loved ones who have passed, and when they are seen it is the loved ones vesting and blessing them.

Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.
~ Anonymous

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